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The Angelic House Talisman - Angelic Home Protector


It will protect the entire home with Angelic healing Traditionally handcrafted from solid copper and presented in a quality presentation box.


This Double Sided talisman protects the entire house with angelic healing and highly protective planetary energies. Placing it above or near the front entrance of your home or business will instantly attract a wave of positive celestial energy and well-being to benefit everyone in the home.


The entire home is immersed in an aura of angelic healing and highly protective planetary energies. The ancients said that anyone lucky enough to live in a house blessed by a Jupiter sign can prosper in life because they have the personal assurance of the seven archangels named on the charm, each living in a house protected by their special sign.


People in protected houses will easily realize all their dreams and aspirations. It is said in legend you will be protected by angels from thieves, fire, aggression and hostility.


Supercharge your Life with Real Magick! You will find all blocks and obstacles in your life removed!


Receive Divine Magic in your life every day! Find yourself immersed in beautiful warm Angelic white light surrounding your soul. Everything will fall into place for you.


Never feel alone again! Plus, many more! Upon receipt of your talisman, you will find that it is fully empowered. You only need to wear or carry the talisman on your person to instantly attract the life-enhancing Angelic blessings associated with the talisman.


Full instructions given on its use, and will be ritually linked to the new owner!


Use your soul to ask, if the holy object I am looking at, is for me. Only then you will have the answer. If it is meant for you, then purchase it now. Angels have brought you to my page.


This is no accident. Buy It Now, before it's too late!


Great for Gift for your loved ones! Give them some Good fortune as a Gift!


Best present you can buy them this time of year!


FREE Delivery to the United Kingdom!


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The Angelic House Talisman

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