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Q: Is Divine Angelic Reiki safe?

A: Absolutely safe! There is no side affects .

Q: I live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can you still help me?

A: Yes, I can offer powerful distance healing anywhere in the world!

Q: I have tried to call you many times and unable to speak to you.

A: I maybe with a Client and I do not pick calls up when I am in session.

Please leave a message on my mobile phone or with the receptionist and I will call you back soon as I am free.

Q:Why have I not received a response to my emails?

A: I receive over 1000 emails from all over the world! I will only reply to serious enquirers and those who are in need of healing.

Please accept my apologies if I have not contacted you back. I try my best to reply to most emails within 24 hours.

If it is urgent please leave a message with the receptionist and I will call you back soon as I am free.

Q: I do not believe in God and you are a God man. Do I have to believe?

A: No, it is my strong faith which helps you heal. You do not have do believe. I accept everyone regardless of faith and religion.

Q: I have limited funds of money, but I need your help urgently. Can you still help me?

A: Absolutely! Please sent me full details of your situation. I want to help as many genuine people as I can.

All I ask is you pay small amount of money which you can afford to give and I will donate this money to charity.

This will balance karma by helping someone more in need than yourself.

Q: What is the difference from Remote Angelic Reiki Healing anywhere in the world and

Powerful Distance Angelic Healing of Sickness and disease healings?

A: The remote Angelic healing is a general fast healing for when you have a cold or pick me up when you are under the weather at a low cost and

the distance healing of sickness and disease is a Highly concentrated and intense healing for serious conditions.

Q: I have just broken up with my wife after 19 years of marriage and I cannot stand it.

I hate myself and I am in so much pain and completely heartbroken. Can you help me?

A: Yes, I can my dear friend. I can heal your heart and remove the deep pain in your soul. It will take time and many sessions of healing,

but your life will be whole again soon with the Divine love of the Lord.

Q: I do not know which healing I need?

A: Not to worry! Please just contact me with the full details of your situation and I will decide which is the best healing for you.

Q: I need many sessions of strong healing for my 9 years old son.. Can you help me?

A: Absolutely! I love to help your little boy. Not to worry. Please send me full details of his condition and photo.

Plus any information which could be important when I do the Powerful healing.

Q: How long till I receive benefits of the healing?

A: Some people will receive relief from their symptoms straight away and others will feel the healing over time.You may need many sessions of healing to feel the full benefits..

Gods love will fill your heart and soul. Within a month you will feel the benefits of the Powerful Angelic Healing.

Q: I suffer from Depression and panic attacks for the last 10 years.

No one can help me and I have no where to turn. I have tried everything. Can you help me?

A: Yes I can, You are not alone and with Gods love and Divine Power you will see his beautiful light fill your soul. Worry not.

I will do everything to help you and take the dark clouds from your life.Please contact me with the full details of your situation. .

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