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Learn How To Do Meditation

· Learn how to still your mind.

· How to meditate correctly.

· Using the “OM” sound and symbol correctly.

· Mastering the Hindu symbol “OM” A Guide for Beginners.

· Contacting the Hindu Gods to enhance the “OM”

· Bringing out Divine Energy (Shakti)

· Universe is pulsating and vibrating to the sound Om

· OM is associated with the Hindu God Ganesha

· How to use this ancient sacred sound to improve your health

· Powerful Sanskrit teachings to connect to your higher-self.

· Lowering your blood pressure through regular meditation.

· How to chant “Om” correctly to begin your journey towards spiritual awakening.

· Help to ease suffering from anxiety, stress or aggression.

· Plus many more ancient secrets.

Mitesh is an Angelic practitioner with over 28 years’ experience and by connecting you with the Angelic Realm and he gives us guidance with our day to day lives.

Cost per person is only: £30

Includes Free Refreshments on the day.

For more information including dates and times contact:

Divine Angelic Reiki Healing

07535424399/ 0116 366 8037

Terms and conditions:

All payments including deposits are non-refundable

Payments must be made in full before attending the course.

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