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A talk of the Angelic Realm with Mitesh Chauhan


Discover the deeper meanings and mysteries of life. Feel that amazing love from the Angels.


Come along and learn about Angelic Reiki, a beautiful healing technique which helps us heal mental, physical and emotional conditions.


• Learn how Angels impact our lives and guide us through our journey of life.

• We were never left on our own to struggle in this life.

• Understand the reasons why Angels do not intervene in our life when we are in trouble.

• Why we must accept the reasons Angels stop us from our own actions.

• Angels love us so much and we all have our own loving Guardian angel.

• How to communicate with your angels and how to hear their messages.

• Invite Angels into your life to guide and protect us from harm.

• Learn how to protect yourself from negative energies sent to you by other individuals, commonly known as psychic vampires.

• How to ask Angels to protect loved ones even if they are thousands of miles away at the other side of the world.

• Learn how to contact your own Guardian angel .

• Plus many more!


Mitesh is an Angelic practitioner with over 28 years’ experience and by connecting you with the Angelic Realm and he gives us guidance with our day to day lives.


Includes free Refreshments on the day.


Plus you get a Free Powerful Holy Amulet for protection on the day!


For more information including dates and times contact:


Divine Angelic Reiki Healing


07535424399/ 0116 366 8037


Terms and conditions:

All payments including deposits are non-refundable

Payments must be made in full before attending the course.

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