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I offer a Powerful Soul healing from you. By clearing emotional blocks in your life you can live again. If untreated the pain could destroy your life and follow you for rest of your remaining life and in your next life reincarnation.


  • Break the Cycle: Step away from the tormenting spiral of trauma, embrace the light of healing and growth.


  • Release the Bonds: Dispel the blocks that shroud your journey to success, transcending limitations.


  • Heal the Wounded Soul: Heartbreak and childhood wounds, akin to poison, can be transmuted into strength.


  • Vitality Revived: Bid farewell to premature aging, illnesses, and shadows that tarnish your life force.


  • Divine Interventions: Harness the power of prayers and the Angelic Realm to uplift and restore your being.


  • Soul Rebirth: Engage in powerful soul healing, liberating your essence from the shackles of trauma.


The Lord said, "You don't have to worry about love. As long as I'm existing, you will be loved."


Therefore the pain and trauma is carried forward to your new life and causing you more suffering. It is a endless cycle of misery and anguish.


You find everything you do fails and there seems to be blocks in your success. Heartbreak and childhood trauma is like drinking poison which slowly kills our soul, and destroys the very lifeforce which sustains us


Powerful soul healing that can empower and awaken your soul!


By addressing emotional barriers within your life, you can rediscover the joy of living. If left untreated, these pains have the potential to undermine your life and persist throughout your current and future lifetimes, even affecting reincarnations.


This is why unresolved anguish and suffering can transcend into your new life, causing further distress. It's a ceaseless cycle of suffering and torment.


Obstacles seem to hinder your endeavors, leading to a sense of failure. The wounds of heartbreak and childhood trauma resemble a slow-acting poison, eroding the essence that animates us.

This process might accelerate aging, invite illness, and exert influence over your loved ones as well.


But fear not! I invoke the divine presence of Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior. Intense prayers are offered on your behalf, accompanied by assistance from the Angelic Realm.


This potent soul healing is designed to eliminate trauma and suffering from your very soul, enabling you to reclaim your life and expel all malevolent energies from your life force. This rejuvenation allows you to embark anew on your journey as a transformed individual. These healing sessions can also be conducted remotely.


For deep-seated Trauma and Depression, multiple sessions might be necessary.


Please note that this service is available at the Leicester Office, and kindly provide your preferred times and dates for scheduling.


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Soul Healing for deep emotional trauma- Leicester office

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