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Angelic Reiki healing removal of Past Life karma - 3 sessions at 1 hour each .
Sessions can be booked at different times.

Powerful Angelic healing to clear the karmic blockages from previous lifetimes and finally stop holding you back in life.
  Is Bad karma preventing you from gaining the best of your potential in life and achieving total peace of mind and good health?
  Not to worry!
  Clearing Emotional Baggage of your past life and wipe the slate clean of your past life.
  Any traumatic or negative experience which has impacted on our energy field will leave a karmic blockage unfinished. This can affect us in this lifetime and stop us succeding in life.
  Experiences that cause us emotional shocks such as the sudden death of a loved one, to an attack or abuse. Even small upsets will leave karma that can affect us for a very long time. Bad karma can also block us and affect our energy flow. Greater the trauma the longer it can take for these karmic pain to be cleared.
  You may need more sessions to clear deep trauma and abuse.

All healing done at the Leicester office.
Please also include the best times and dates you would be available.

Removal of Past Life karma-3 sessions at 1 hour each- Leicester

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