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Divine Angelic Healing & Emotional Bracelet
Powerful Divine Healing of all emotional pain and Karmic blockages.
Do you have deep emotional pain which you have locked away for many years?
Pain so deep it you have hidden it from your closest and dearest for decades!
‘Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power’ Ephesians 6:10
These emotional wounds can stay hidden and locked away for years, even decades before we are ready to face them. The longer we hide this pain then it becomes a poison the more it eats away at our life force causing us more pain, suffering and leaving us bitter and alone in this life.
This Powerful bracelet has been charged with Angelic blessings and emits the most powerful healing energy. Powerful prayers to our Lord and Savior are said during its creation for 40 days and 40 nights. This can increase self-confidence, releasing Karmic blockages, helping mental alertness and deflecting negative energy from you. It will also help you raise your vibration levels.
I have limited number of these Powerful Divine Angelic Vibrational bracelets for sale. You will receive this Divine bracelet in a beautiful sealed case. Soon as you open the case you will feel its power and Awe!
Full instructions given on its use, and will be ritually linked to you!
  Buy It Now, before it's too late!
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Powerful Healing & Emotional Bracelet

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