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Extend Loving Healing to Your Beloved Pets


Powerful Remote Healing for your Pet.


Frequently inquired by our cherished customers, I have been asked why pet healing is not offered.


As an animal lover myself, I share a profound love for my dogs and bunnies. Animals possess a remarkable sensitivity to divine healing energy, finding solace and delight in the rejuvenating experience of healing.


From anywhere in the world, healing energies can be extended to your cherished animal companions.


In Distance Healing sessions, animals often embrace a state of tranquility, melting away stress. I've even blessed my own pets with my healing, witnessing their affection for it firsthand.


While your pets cannot physically visit my Leicester office, please know that the distance barrier does not  hinder the power of healing.


Each session will beam with my heartfelt energy, flowing across space to them. Depending on the nature of the animal, they might benefit from multiple healing sessions, each contributing to their well-being.


These healing moments aim to bring serenity to your pets, encouraging better sleep and a heightened sense of daily peace. I kindly request detailed information about your pet, including their routines and the most relaxed moments they experience.


A gentle reminder: I am not a veterinary surgeon, and healing is not a substitute for professional veterinary care. For comprehensive well-being, it's vital that your pet receives proper attention from a vet before seeking healing.


Empower Your Pets with Loving Energy – Let's Begin the Healing Journey!


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Pet Healing- Distance Healing to your loving pet-

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