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Extremely Powerful Navapashanam Water.

Navapashanam Elixir 

500ml of Navapashanam water with concentrated High Cosmic Energy.

Very Rare- Genuine and Authentic.

I have limited stocks of these bottles available.

Once gone they are gone!

It is said that Navapashanam clears the toxins from the body, mind and reactivating the DNA blueprint.

Also awakes the soul by increasing creative & spiritual power. It is said to awaken an individual’s understanding of and connection to high cosmic life force energy.

I received some Navapashanam water on my trip to India on a religious pilgrimage. Which was given to me by a powerful guru (a Sanskrit term for "teacher" or "master", particularly in Indian religions) Unique to Divine Angelic Reiki Healing. Powerful prays said during its creation. Made with love and dedication

Those who do not know about this Navapashanam Water, it is said that the water helps to awaken the soul by increasing creative & spiritual power.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to possess this powerful Elixir water.

Genuine and extraordinary Elixir Water. Be in Awe and finally awaken to a new dimension of reality.

Master Yogi and Mystic, Sri Boganath or Bogar is known as the Father of Navapashanam. Because of his deep Love and Compassion received this Master Formula from his Teacher. Navapashanam water is concentrated High Cosmic Energy.

Not Intended for drinking or for human consumption.
Only use for Religious and Divine Rituals.

Navapashanam - The Divine Elixir Water

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