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Holy Water of the Lord Jesus Christ! Welcome to True Divine Power!


This Divine Holy Water is charged with the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Fully charged with Powerful Magick by myself! Secret Magick unique to Godsmasterhealers!


Not available elsewhere! Supercharge your life with Real Magick!


Also used to invoke God's blessings and protection!


Powerful prays are said during its charging process 10ml bottle


Great if you have the Holy Jesus power cross or you can use the Holy water it on its own!


Not available anywhere else! Only available from Godsmasterhealers!


This extremely powerful holy object will bring peace and tranquility in your life!


Only Limited numbers available worldwide! it is gone!


Buy It Now, before it's too late!


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Sold As A Curio Only...Please Read the Disclaimer below!-


No claims of paranormal or supernatural powers made.




The content of this site is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any illness. Always consult your doctor before starting any complementary treatment. The information and the products on this website is for entertainment purposes only. All items I sell are sent by tracked or recorded post and I will report any buyer which makes False claims of lost in the post and asking for refund

Lord Jesus Christ - Divine Holy Water -10 ml

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