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In this age of computers and new age of political correctness we lose our divine gift which came from God. Awaken our consciousness to the presence of the divine.


There is a Seed of God Consciousness stored within every person in this world today and we cannot ever be separate from that. To argue against this idea is to resist having perfect clarity. To ignore it is to ruin your chances to draw upon the unlimited possibilities eagerly being born for you in each moment of your life.,when we born into this world.


When we forget our Divinity and the knowledge of everything in the Universe, we lose our connection to God. It takes true wisdom to use knowledge. And that is something we can only attain through experience of the Lord. Even the founder of Reiki developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui believed in god. 'Everyone will receive the blessing from God.


With this, expect everyone to have soul and oneness' Mikao Usui Dr. Usui prayed before throwing the last stone off the side of the mountain. He asked God for confirmation of his findings and asked to be given the enlightenment of how to use this new found knowledge for betterment of mankind. God shore a light which struck him upon the forehead opening up a "third eye" possessing the highest source of power.


A Very Powerful Divine process which I was taught by the gurus in India. To awaken the consciousness and remove all blocks which connects the astral light to the Godhead. Awake the Kundalini, when awakened this gives you all power, knowledge, health, wealth and success. The one who wants the experience, the vision of the Divine should keep himself away from polluted foods.That which is Divine comes to you in a natural way.


The same thing is stated by Narada. We should lead our lives in a natural way. We should not follow this artificial path. Avoid all poison which pollutes our soul. 21 days process.


Are you ready for the Divine ???


You must not eat any meat,eggs,milk, dairy products,drink alcohol and avoid all products with caffeine, during this divine process. This is very important!

God's Divine Awakening of the Soul -21 day process

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