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Powerful and Unique to Godsmasterhealers! First time being offered to the public!


I offer a Powerful Family Generational Healing from you. By clearing Family emotional blocks in your life, you can live again. If untreated the pain could destroy your life and follow you for rest of your remaining life and in your next life reincarnation.


You have contrast arguments with same family members, day after day, living the same hell, which you cannot escape. It feels like you trapped in this circle of hate and depression.


There is a way out! I can help! I can do a powerful deep healing to break your family’s karmic debt and help restore your peaceful balance. Also help to heal the family riff through Powerful Divine Healing.


After numerous past lives and karmic debt same families meet life after life. This makes extraordinary agony on all levels all concerned.


ALL family torment and harm can be mended with this interaction. Therefore, the pain and trauma is carried forward to your new life and causing you more suffering. It is an endless cycle of misery and anguish.


You find everything you do fails and there seems to be blocks in your success. Heartbreak and childhood trauma is like drinking poison which slowly kills our soul, and destroys the very lifeforce which sustains us. May cause premature ageing, attract illnesses and also could affect the lives of your love’s ones. Worry not! I call on his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Powerful prays are said on your behalf and assistance from the Angelic Realm.


Powerful soul healing to remove the trauma and suffering from your soul. Helping you to regain your life and remove all evil energy from your lifeforce. You can then start again as a new person. Can also offer this as distance healing.


You may need more sessions to clear Deep Trauma and Depression. Four sessions. Over One week. Please also include the best times and dates you would be available-At the Leicester Office


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Family Generational Healing

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